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Jun 24, 2020
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My Pocket Creche


My Pocket Creche is an amazing app that helps teach your kids basic 
education in the comfort of your own home or on the road. Its always 
available in your pocket. 
It was designed for the busy parent or guardian in mind. If you are working 
hard trying to feed your family, you shouldn’t also have to worry about the 
education of your child. My pocket creche is there to fill the void. 
The app has propelled some of the kids in different communities, with the 
feedback we have received so far, we are very confident of the significant 
value we are adding into different families.


Most kids have smartphones nowadays, with my pocket creche being part of your 
child’s app list you are guaranteed that they are being taught basic education and 
international pronunciation of alphabets and other words properly. With children 
dreaming big nowadays you never know where your seed may end up. 
With different topics covered on the app, we tried to include all basic knowledge that 
an intelligent kid must excel in. We will constantly update the app, adding more topics 
and other interactive aspects. So far we have alphabets, colours, days of the week, 
months of the year, numbers, seasons and shapes. 
We included a writing section on the app so that your child can take it out of his/her 
pocket and be good to go with no pen and paper needed. The app is suitable for 
indoor or outdoor use. Lets say you are also on a trip and your child is bored on the 
road, you can ask them to write the alphabet A and then show you. You can then 
correct them if they have it wrong, this creates an alternative bonding experience.


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